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Corporate Identity

“The main objective of corporate-identity management is to secure a competitive advantage for an individual organization. It is based on the notion that the effective management of a corporation's identity results in the acquisition of a favorable corporate image and, over time, of a favorable corporate reputation” - Balmer and Stotvig, 1997.


Corporate identity plays a significant part in the marketing process. Since the marketing practices are becoming increasingly diversified, making a strong and coherent identity is more vital than ever. In order to communicate to your customers effectively, your visual appearance and message must be consistent across both printed and digital media. It is important for companies to find ways to produce its own image to stand out in the crowd and be unforgettable.


A corporate identity is like a symbol, which is the focal point of your business for the customers. The basic idea of a corporate identity is unique, specific and well recognised. It reflects the nature of your organisation. Your corporate identity differentiates you from your competitors within the industry. Those colour schemes, images, and words should be associated with your corporations, which would be effectively used to bring your brand onto the customers’ minds.

Our Services

At Touch 10, we understand that the successful corporate identity is created based on the intimate knowledge of the mission, vision and goals of our clients; as well as its target audience our perceptions and analysis of our client’s businesses. 


Our understanding and passion in online marketing would offer different solutions and recommendations to establish your corporate identity and its recognition, We truly believe that our services would bring you a lasting relationship with your customers.


Whether your company aims to create a new brand or develop your existing identity, Touch 10 will offer you the services to create the perfect identity suitable for your company.






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