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Corporate Literature

Once you have your logo and corporate identity in place, the production of corporate literature is needed. Corporate literature includes all kinds of paper promotions you may need, from brochures, leaflets and flyers to folders and corporate stationery.


Your corporate literature is extremely vital in communicating with your existing and potential customers as well as in generating new business and clients that lead to increased sales and profits.


Brochures, Leaflets and Flyers


Brochures, leaflets and flyers are affordable, manageable and the easiest way of catching the attention of a prospective customer.


They work in a similar way, and produce detailed information about the company as well as its products and services. They potentially lead to an initiative for the customers to enquire more information. Specifically, brochures are substantial for the customers to refer to while coming to a decision; also, a company with well designed brochures, leaflets or flyers would certainly stands out within its competitive market; which gives them a better chance to reach out to their target audience.




Folders and folder design are fundamental marketing tools for a business. They deliver the important company information to their potential and existing customers. They are used to generate more businesses in a well-presented and organised way. Folders are designed to hold important information of your company and can be designed into different facets to fit your business and requests.




Corporate stationery includes your business cards, compliment slips and letterheads. As part of your corporate identity, business cards are essential to grab the first impression of the client; nonetheless, compliment slips play a vital role as an effortless way to remind your clients of your company; whereas letterhead is a representation of your company, which should be brief and tidy. The corporate stationery should be consistent and professional to impress all your business contacts, customers and suppliers.

Our Services

Touch 10 provides a high standard and expectation in both design and execution on all types of corporate literature. We push everything to our limit and assist you in gaining the loyalty and trust from all your existing and potential customers.


We provide professional design services on different folding methods for your leaflets (bi-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, etc), different sizes of your brochures and flyers as well as different dimensions of your folders in order to meet your needs and suit your company’s personality. We aim to help you deliver your information more effectively and to enhance your corporate images through these products.





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