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Pay per Click(ppc)

Pay-per-click (PPC) ad is one of the things that you can do to achieve the Search Engine Optimisation. It is internet advertising where advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked or visited by guests. It can be very effective and you can get an immediate listing on any site you want.

Advantages of Pay-Per Click (PPC) Ad 

  1. No onsite changes is required to the content or layout of the current website
  2. Quick implementation to get targeted traffic to your website
  3. Easy implementation with the expertise knowledge and experience of search engine marketing and keyword research.  

Touch 10 PPC Services

1. Researching and selecting keywords

Researching and selecting targeted key phrases are both critical to the success of PPC Ad campaign. Research on your key phrases thoroughly will help you to identify the right keywords. There are tools that allow advertisers to see how often particular keywords are typed in the Search Engines; Touch 10 would use these tools to maximise the potentials of our clients’ site. Not only can the right keywords maximise the chance to target the right and prospective customers; this also has the ability to guarantee on maximised sales.

2. Writing Distinctive Descriptions

The approach of PPC ad campaign is to control over each word in the Ad Text. This control over the description of ad text is a proven marketing strategy; Touch 10 is here to ensure that the written description of our clients’ PPC campaign is appealing to attract the ideal visitors adequately.

3. Analysing

Touch 10 provides a tracking service of individual keywords for our clients’ PPC campaign. This comprehensive tracking is to analyse the effectiveness of each keyword that turn visitors into customers. We also provide important study of the habits and motivations of visitors. This can give us valuable information of our clients’ businesses to help further refine their campaigns.


Touch 10 offers excellent services to your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, which can bring relevant and highly targeted visitors to your site. Contact us for more information on PPC.



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