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SEO Copywriting

The jobs of SEO copywriting include putting relevant keywords to attract search engine traffic and sending appropriate messages across to your visitors. By using and hyper-linking relevant keywords on your website, search engines can detect the usages of these particular key phrases. Eventually, your website will rank higher for keywords relevant to your business in search engines. However, you should be noted that by repeating your keywords/phrases too many times will lead to a penalty by the search engines.


Touch 10 offers an outstanding SEO copywriting services that helps to convert the content of your web pages into a rich content that contains relevant keywords. We will ensure that your web content is filled with the right amount of relevant keywords to improve your search engine rankings smoothly as well as to bring you enormous direct leads of potential customers to your site.


Benefits of SEO Copywriting

  • higher rank in the search engine result
  • increase relevant traffic to your site

Touch 10 services


Optimising existing content

We rewrite your existing web content into a more effective medium, which give you a desirable position in the search engine result as well as attracting individual visitors.


Keyword research and adding New optimised content

Our experienced copywriters will conduct a keyword research and create a new optimised content for your site. We ensure that your ranking increases after adding the new optimised content.





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