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Application Approach

In order to bring out the best bespoke software solutions, there should be a mutual understanding between your business and ours. We will ensure that our team explore and have a deep understanding of your business; and at the same time, we will explain to you comprehensively of how our business works.


Typically, there are a number of key stages in any implementation

  • We will provide you with necessary information of our business to give you a broad idea of how we work and what we offer; on the other hand, we will learn about your business objectives and how our services can help to grow your business.

  • We will get the assigned project manager and software developers, who will be involved with your project, to learn about your business processes in-depth

  • Your project managers and software developers will analyse and advise you with the best solutions to tackle your project and to produce and maximise the return on your investment.

  • After our first discussion, we would then outline the objectives and details of the project, including the cost, schedule and the estimations of the workload. And these documents are flexible to unexpected changes during the implementation progresses.

  • From this point onwards, we will start to process and develop your application. Your project manager and the development team will keep you informed on the progress and you will be able to review and be involved in every detail and procedure we encounter.

  • As a team, it is important that either of us is able to specify any changes or problems to ensure the project is up to standard.

  • Before your project is launched, it will be tested thoroughly for quality assurance; we will spend time to test your project

    meticulously to minimize bugs and most importantly, to make sure your project works properly for Optimisation (it will not be deployed until you are completely satisfied).

  • Lastly, we always offer technical support and maintenance to our clients, so you can always come back to us for advice and guidance





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