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Software Branding

Software branding is completed with the product name and logo blended with the theme of the appropriate colours, text, graphics and sounds.


Successful software branding is not simply about putting the logo and using products’ colour schemes on every surface; it is also about enhancing the quality and boosting users’ experiences on the products. Thus, the goal of software branding is to associate the brand with the colour theme and style of the company, so as to make the entire product look coherent and consistent.


Elements of Software Branding can be categorized in 3 levels


First Level –tends to draw to initial attention and to build up a strong first impression

  • Logo
  • Colour scheme
  • Specific and appropriate sounds

Second Level - alongside with the first-level elements, these components are used to create and enhance the character and style of the product

  • Icons and graphic styles
  • Animations and transitions
  • Re-touching on colours
  • Applying appropriate shadows
  • Choosing articulate backgrounds and transparency

Third Level - are used to further boost the users’ experience and to create these distinctive features to connect your brand identity with your users.

  • Custom window frames
  • Custom controls

Our Services

At Touch 10, we understand that successful software firmly ties with the emotions of the users’ experience. Good and user-friendly experiences on the particular product will be perceived as more superior by the target audiences.


Therefore, we help our clients to create a strong software branding identity, to attract the appropriate target audience and to differentiate their companies’ brands from their competitors. Most important of all, we set our goal to increase the quality and the users’ experiences of their products.


Features of Touch 10 Software Branding

  • To establish a clear and memorable style
  • Generate a distinct and associative personality
  • Highly-organized and structured
  • Easy installation with superior technology
  • Creating a friendly and effective connection with the users
  • Consistent performance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Unique and distinctive in the market
  • Excellent software support and customer services

Our Touch 10 software branding team is friendly, innovative and systematic. we will test our software thoroughly before deployment in order to satisfy our clients’ and users’ needs. Contact us for more information.




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