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Web Designing

Whether you want to design a new website for your new business or completely redesigning your old business web site, Touch 10 can always help you.


Touch 10 specialising in online marketing; of which, web designing is one of the key areas that needs to be emphasised on. We offer a variety of web designing services ranging from logo design to web designing, maintenance and enhancement; as well as e-commerce designing. Touch 10 services are deliberated to enable you to control and update your own site.


Apart from designing a fresh and appealing website, using the web site to boost sales as a marketing tool is the key to success. It is important to attract the new visitors; and at the same time to generate an incentive for them to visit the sites repetitively.

Tips to create a successful web site

  • Clearly state what your company does and what it offers
  • Brief and welcoming contents are needed
  • Simple site navigation
  • Present organised and useful information
  • Contact details should be clearly noticeable
  • Sales plan should be visible and easy to read at a glance
  • Prominently display the most relevant products

Maintaining a clear but detailed web site with a high profile on search engines is vital. It is more likely for customers to commit to decision when they feel comfortable with your website.


With diverse experiences, Touch 10 promise to help you to design and re-design your website to meet the above criteria to success as well as to generate more traffic for your business




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