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Vision & Adaptability


1. Expertise in Online Marketing

We’re passionate about online marketing. After all, our web marketing tactics are the reason we receive our new business. We are extremely experienced and skillful in every aspect of technology, software, design and online marketing. And we are always ready to provide our knowledge and experience to our clients, like yourself.


2. Understand your business and your industry

We offer the top quality services to you and your business. We have been working within the brokers and insurance industry, and have gained a handful of excellent experiences from working with clients of all different sizes. We also have outstanding testimonials from our existing clients. We would try our best to understand your business and offer the best solutions especially designed for you.


3. Reduce cost, increase productivity

We are here to grow your business. All our software and services can assist your company to work smoothly. We also help you to increase your brand awareness. Our team will do our best to assist your business to increase customer satisfaction, generate new sales and boost repeat business. These features would definitely help you to obtain the biggest productivity.

4. Our Quality and Stability
We focus on the quality of services we are providing. We intend to maintain an excellent production to satisfy your needs. We are also committed to finish and deliver your project on our promised deadlines. We work on our well organized schedule and keep your project on track. We would also inform you regularly on the process.


5. Our Value
Our aim is to care about clients as well as their businesses. We put our clients first. When you work with us, our team will help and manage your project and keep it on track comprehensively. We would also be pleased to you inform regularly with everything that we have done; simply because “YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS”.


6. Our Diversity and Flexibility

At Touch 10, we care about your business. Our products and services can be flexible to suit your needs. We work as the way you want. We also provide your business with a variety of services and products, from software and web development to business marketing and graphic design to networking. All our services are designed to fit your business in every technical aspect you may need.


7. Build up good relationships

We aim to build a long lasting relationship with every single one of our clients. As we will always be able to offer advice on how you could make your business better with the new software and web development, we would like to act more like your business partner or advisor than just a supplier.


8. We Listen to you and work as a Team

Nobody knows your business better than you do. Therefore, we rely on you to provide us with your valuable business knowledge and we promise to listen to you in order to provide you with the right technical information that you need. Together we will be able to work on your business objectives competently whilst making the best use of our services and technology.


9. Communicate effectively

There perhaps have a lot of technical terms within our software online marketing industry; yet, we enjoy talking plain English and explaining every difficult term systematically to our clients, to ensure you to have a better understanding our processes and services before engaging with us.


10. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our aim is to try our best to fulfil your business’s desires and assure what we produce is what you want. We will work until you are completely satisfied. We are confident that our quality services and products will always go beyond your expectation. You can always count on us!





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